Side Benefits of Collagen Proteins

Collagen is a common protein found in the human body. It is in bones, ligaments, tendons, skin, and other connective tissue. It accounts for about half of the protein content in the body. As people get older, less collagen is produced. The amino acids that collagen contains the most of are hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline. These amino acids are found in animals like bovine sources. Another collagen source is wheat germ. Collagen is technically an incomplete protein, but this doesn’t stop it from being very beneficial in many ways, especially because it helps with weight loss.

Collagen Helps Promote Weight Loss

Collagen side benefit weight helpOne great benefit of collagen consumption is weight loss. Collagen supplements are very low in calories, so one doesn’t have to burn off excess calories. Collagen is very high in protein, so taking a proper amount of it each day can help promote lean muscle growth. The more muscle tissue that is developed, the faster calories are burned. Collagen speeds up metabolism, burning more calories faster. Promoting the growth of lean muscle also helps a person acquire a more beautiful figure as well. Taking collagen can also help reduce hunger because of its high protein content. Protein helps the body feel full and satiated. This helps people refrain from eating excessively because of hunger.

Most collagen supplements require that they be taken without food. Generally, these supplements are taken at night before bed. Not eating any food for three hours before bed in order to take the supplement helps promote weigh loss as well. That’s exactly why the recommendation for Calotren is such.

Collagen as a Natural Arthritis Remedy

Collagen Proteins Side Benefits JointsCollagen is known to help repair cartilage damaged by arthritis or similar diseases. When collagen is taken orally, some of it is deposited in the cartilage to help replenish lost cartilage and to help prevent deterioration. Some studies have shown collagen to help reduce joint pain as well. Since collagen helps joints, it is ideal for athletes and other active people. Athletes have to go through rigorous exercise; this can take quite a toll on their joints over time. Collagen can help protect and rebuild their joints.

Collagen and Skin Health

Collagen promotes healthy skin. It has been injected to lessen the appearance of wrinkles for quite a while. Taking collagen protein supplements can strengthen skin and protect it from becoming damaged. It also can increase the elasticity of skin and make it look healthier and more beautiful. Collagen also can help provide a more youthful appearance to skin.

In addition, collagen can diminish the look of cellulite. It is beneficial to the epidermis, the outer layer of skin.

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Collagen and Cardiovascular Health

Joints are not the only thing collagen can improve. It can bring elasticity to blood vessels, and it can strengthen them to improve blood flow and diminish the appearance of varicose veins. With improved circulation from fortified blood vessels, skin can get more nutrients and become more beautiful and healthy looking as a result.

Arteries are also strengthened by collagen. Arterial walls with cracks or damage to them can be healed and made more elastic and strong by collagen. This helps promote a healthy heart. With repaired and healthy veins and arteries, blood pressure may benefit, too.

Collagen protein is a healthy way to rejuvenate skin, strengthen blood vessels and arteries, and promote weight loss. It is a good source of protein, and it may help rebuild cartilage and protect joints from damage. In addition, it is great for athletes because it helps build lean muscle. It also speeds up recovery from injuries. As collagen continues to be studied, even more positive effects will most likely be discovered.